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About i-TV-i for 2010-2011.

First of all, we are grateful to all our viewers for the interest in premiere screening of the film. It became global, as covered almost 100 countries on all continents. This naturally inspires your author, and besides, vividly confirms both the relevance of chosen theme and forms of covering it.

The author is now finalizing new 14 parts of "Meeting with Eternity". Focus primarily on most interesting, amusing, sometimes amazing to the core and very specific stories. Also prepare dialogues (between author and his second "I") on selected topics. New projects, we hope, will benefit those who are inspired, not shocked by phenomenon of immortality. Another film will be devoted to meditation technique with reference to peculiar topics already on agenda of today and XXI century.

Plans - a lot, but quiet another "pair of shoes" - existing financial framework. Although we have plenty of time, as long as direct ourselves to ... Eternity.

Finally, only one more film will be posted on screen gratis. Then we organize a subscription on terms of i-TV-i. Do not worry, you will be notified in due time, because our channel is working for you and with you.

Until Next, Valery KIN.

Дата: 29.10.10
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