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The premiere on our channel i-TV-i

Our channel ITVI, despite many difficulties, just about starts. And we`re going to bring to your attention the premiere: it is a two-hour film “Meeting with Eternity”, devoted to unique rendezvous with absolutely extraordinary person on Earth. It happened in frosty Moscow, by the end of 2009. (C) Copyright Valery Kin, 2010. A film, we note at once, is intended for visitors of our site and private TV channel, i.e. for private viewing. Its public demonstration, entirely or in parts, without coordination with the author is forbidden. Now we do our best to make English version.

The audience, interested and, even more than that, carried away by selected theme, quickly grows. Saying that, we experience real nervousness and at the same time satisfaction. In these circumstances we consider it possible to address YOU ALL with request to support media project. It concerns (*) curious and extraordinary information on selected theme which you, perhaps, have and willing to share with us; (**) your possible financial assistance to the project {$500 dollars and above}. We`ve got extensive @ very interesting plans. And by the way, you already took advantage of their realization, thanks to our site, private radio channel, several books “Shades of a God”. For our investors we`ve prepared unique bonus surprise.

Truly yours Valery Kin.