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ТВ «Ай-ТВ-Ай»ТВ «Ай-ТВ-Ай»Интервью и пр. / dialogs, etc.August brought our "i-TV-i" arithmetic sensation...

August brought our "i-TV-i" arithmetic sensation: number of visitors during first five years of its existence exceeded 2,200,000 - from more than 100 countries worldwide. You found us, and we've got you. It is pretty good when a newcomer after visiting us for "a moment" becomes a regular viewer. It is still rather striking when a newcomer does at one time several hundred downloads. However, we are confident, in our video-items there is always something to inspire you. We adore our unique polyphonic TV audience. And continuing our WAY we keep the air multifaceted, enchanting and ... unpredictable. Sincerely Yours, Valeri KIN.

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